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Although the thrust of our effort is to have everyone, everywhere think about World Peace at 13:00 HRS GMT on every January 1st after the year 2000, we have discovered many other groups have similar ideas, and some are remarkably similar, though there seems to be a discrepency in the how and when but not the why. So, brace yourself for a whole day of peace.

You can go visit the One Day in Peace site. In particular you might want to visit there world leader responses. Or you can read ours by clicking on the World Leaders square.When we had the idea to get everyone in the world to think about World Peace at exactly the same time, we had no idea others around the world were already working towards declaring January 1st World Peace Day, or some synonymous equivalent. We support any group which is working towards this goal, such as One Day In Peace in Arizona, USA. Now that we know others are out there, and we will use this page to place sites working towards this goal on this page. You may have already visited Eric Van der Wyk's Love 2000 site through our Peace Net page. You can read on a little or jump right to our listing of groups who have stuff planned for January 1st 2000, and beyond.

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Our process for initiating this change is two-fold.

A Two Fold Focus

What are we asking?

That everyone take a moment from their day to think about World Peace.

And further, that governments around the world recognize January 1st every Year as World Peace Day.

How Are We to do That?

First, we intend to contact each government directly.

And further, we hope to generate a grass roots campaign to add democratic authority to our request.

Moment of Peace

After initially intending to promote a moment of world peace, we realized other groups had already brgun initiatives similar to ours. It seems however, that many groups tend to promote within their own organization, and the nature of their groups seems to turn off some other groups from their campaign for religious or other reasons. We immediately saw that affiliating ourselves exclusively with any particular group might adversly affect our chances of success. For that reason, we allow every participating group to inject it’s own contect on the meaning of this moment, and have tried to remain as secular an approach as possible.

World Peace Day

For that purpose, we began to work to establish World Peace Day as a permanent holiday throughout the world as of January 1st, 2000, as part of our goal. The changes required for this are minimal as far as any legal holidays are concerned as most countries already have January 1st as a legal holiday. All it would require would be a name change. Many countries celebrate January 1st as their Independence Day, and having World Peace Day at the same occasion would make a great deal of sense for any sovereign nation.

A New Holiday

New Year’s Day as it stands is, in most countries, a non-event. The emphasis has v\been on celebrating New Year’s Eve, and January 1st has been relegated to a day of recovery from the previous night’s excesses. Having a new day to celebrate offers a family-oriented and child-inclusive celebration of the start of every New Year. As the day is already an official holiday, no disruption of commerce and wage agreements will occur by changing January1st to World Peace Day.

A Peal for Peace

In line with the Moment of Peace, we are asking that every house of prayer, or firehall or any other organization in the world which has a bell tower, to ring their bells in unison at the equivalent local time of 1 PM Greenwich Mean Time. Anyone can join in this moment. It is not hard to imagine the joyful sound this will create!

Y2K Bug Infestation

Our idea was an antidote to the dire predictions of other parties concerning the change of the Millenium. There were several people predicting chaos and anarchy would rise from the anticipated glitches in our political and economic systems due to the Millenium Bug. The resources of the police departments, armed forces and defense establishments, and increased monetary supplies in preparation of internal strife were set for an unprecedented testing should a negative image of the Millenium become predominant. As we all know now, none of these apocalyptic prediction came to pass. Even if it had, we have seen constantly that terrible disasters have the opposite effect. People rise heroically to the occasion and, in a display of all that makes humanity worthwhile, work together. It is this that gives us hope for a peaceful future.

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Different Ways to Celebrate World Peace Day

[World Love 2000]

Eric Van der Wyk

Eric lives in San Diego with Julia and Aaron and has added us to his great Links 2000 page. Go and sign his World Love 2000 page. Eric has a vision of everyone sitting down and thinking about those they love all at the same time on January 1, 2000. He describes his vision this way: "To start the process off though we thought we needed to make a list of all our loved ones & then pass it on to all the ones on the list that have e-mail & web address' to add their loved ones to the list, thereby sending our love round the world & to the world."

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One Day In Peace

The PROCESS of working together for peace helps transform ourselves and our societies, and make PEACE ON EARTH a priority for all local and global communities. During the CountUP to One Day In Peace, January 1, 2000, EVERY DAY counts for a better world, one day at a time More than 800 organizations in over 125 nations are promoting the shared goal of a worldwide day of peace on January 1, 2000 as a symbolic new beginning of global cooperation. This universal idea is being called many different names, and the idea of sharing a day of peace on January 1, 2000 fits into EVERY ongoing campaign and initiative for a better world

Derbyshire Association of Church Bellringers

In the year 2000, Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and the Open Churches Trust launched an initiative to ring every bell in the land on the first morning of the New Millennium. That is at 12:00 noon Greenwich Mean Time prior to a short 15 minute service of Thanksgiving to be held in every place of worship. Celebration 2000 provides an opportunity to discover this living part of our national heritage. Churches all over England asked volunteers to help ring their chimes!