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May 6th, 2005

I have changed all the email links to link to a CGI page that will open in a new window from the page you are in because the SPAMBOTS have been using me as a test subject for viagra direct mailing. Stop already! SO, anyway, you can use that to email me now and I will respond from my real address and you can keep in touch with me after we've established communication!

May 30th, 2001

I have just un-installed the new CyberVoyager Remote Control Window. The Remote Window thing just seemed to act differently on each and every browser and I had extreme problems with Netscape 6.0. It has a strange way of re-interpreting JavaScript.

Anyway, it resulted in a new page header being installed and as part of that header, I have put in the Quick Page navigator so that you can get from page to page more easily.

I expect to be making changes to each page so that there will also be a Quick Link pull down menu for all the links in the page to other sites.

November 20th, 2000

I have just installed the new CyberVoyager Remote Control Window. It installs autmatically when the Peacefactory Cyberworks index page is opened. If you happen to close it, it can be reactivated by clicking wherever you see the Peacefactory Logo, The CyberVoyager remote Window pops up.

AS well, I have just taken over as Ring Master to The Ring of The White Dove.

March 7th, 2000

Well, its been a while since I wrote anything on this page. Here it is the new millennium and all, and I have only just changed the site to reflect the date change. We have had a good response from people about our idea, but I have noticed there are a lot of groups all thinking about the same thing, but nobody seems to want to get together at the same time. Why not? If Peace Groups cannot agree on a simple plan of getting together to celebrate peace, how can we expect those uninterested in the promotion of world peace to do the same? It is time to have January 1st declared World Peace Day! Plain and simple! Then the whole day can be dedicated to world peace. What's wrong with that?

Anyway, beside that, I have put up the entire novel "Under The Wormwood Star" on the site. Though nuclear war does seem a remote possibility these days, I thought people might be interested in reading the book.

Meanwhile, I would like to start a section on DNA copyrighting, and start establishing links on this subject. If anyone has any ideas or interesting links can you please email me.

April 27th, 1999 A couple more links to the Peace Workers page! There is also a new World Regulatory Organizations Page which lead to places like NATO and the World Trade Organization whose policies have a great effect upon the state of world peace. As well, I have begun a page on other peace organizations not in other categories which impact upon peace in one way or another. They are under Paths To Peace.

April 26th, 1999 I spent most of the day checking the sizes of the logos and stuff so I could add the Width and Height attributes of the graphics. Its supposed to make it load faster. Also new United Nations links. UNESCO and UNICEF! As well as the Official UN WEB Directory. Thats all in the Visit The UN. Also added the UNICEF and UNESCO links to the Peace Workers page! Enjoy!

April 24th, 1999 Okay! The Peace Net Page has a couple of extra entrie. So does the World Peace Day. Also, we have a new page called Peace Workers which will featuree Non Governmental Organizations (NGO's which are engaged in humanitarian aid and work for peaceful resolution of world problems). I don't have time to add them all at once, so keep visiting to check them out. We are always looking for places where someone can make a living by working for peace. Many of the NGO sites are looking for workers. There is also a Fun Peace Page under construction. Stay tuned!

April 23rd, 1999 Well, I have just got the machinery to work at home and today have just got the FTP software running to upload new files to the website. Soon we'll have PICTURES and stuff, but I have to wait until a day off so I can find the time to do all that! The only changes I have made are to the Peace Net Page. I have added Don and Eric to the Net and fixed the link to the World Peace 2000 Webring~ Finally!