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The Ring of The White Dove was begun in 1996 and has passed through many incarnations since. We still try to maintain our non-commercial orientation despite continuing pressure for every organization in the world to become an exemplar of capitalist pholosophy.

If you would like to join The Ring of The White Dove, please feel free!

The World Peace 2000 Webring
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This World Peace 2000 ring
site is run by The Peace Factory

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Linking together the world in an effort to create a global community
working together to make peace on earth a reality for the future.

World Peace 2000 Webring

The World Peace 200 Webring links the world together in an effort to create a global community working together to make peace on earth a reality for the future. We at the Peace Factory support and applaud the goals and efforts of World Peace 2000. The World Peace 2000 Webring was inspired by and created in collaboration with the World Peace 2000 Movement. We urge you to visit the World Peace 2000 homepages to learn more. This webring unites sites and pages that contribute to furthering peace in all our lives and throughout the world so that together, WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!
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Peace Net

Peace Net was established by The Peace Factory to allow groups and individuals to contact each other regarding the Moment of Peace described in The Peace Factory Cyberworks Home Page. But since we began this project, we realized we were not the only people with the same vision. Or at least the same idea, that being sharing a moment with the rest of the world. It seems there are a great number of people picking different times to gather people together. Jauary 1st will be jam-packed with people celebrating Peace and Harmony. So, we are going to add sites we've found with similar objectives but different paths.

If you wish to join our network, click HERE to enter your name, address,WEBsite and/or e-mail info and youšll be added to the list below. There are others to be added, but at the moment I have to be at work in six hours and I have to get some sleep before I go.

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Organizations and Individuals Sharing Our Vision

[Ghandi Serve]

Ghandiserve Foundation

This is a wonderful site dedicated to the Life and Efforts of Mahatma Ghandi. The Mahatma Gandhi Research and Media Service is a web service provided by the GandhiServe Foundation, Berlin. Germany. It is home to the world's largest online resource on Mohandas Karamchand (Mahatma) Gandhi offers access to 1,000 photographs 7 hours audio online a day-to-day chronology, the Mahatma Gandhi Store 1,600 links, 8,800 books, 1 hour video clips and 90 writings online. Check out their very extensive list of Peace sites at

[Maniac Mansion]

Don McLennan

Don lives at Don McLennan's Maniac Mansion in Vancouver BC and has a page about us as well as a link to the World Peace 2000 Webring. You can visit him there and check out the Crystal Cat Award among many other interesting diversions. Don took our logo and created the 3D version we use on our site.

[World Love 2000]

Eric Van der Wyk

Eric lives in San Diego with Julia and Aaron and has added us to his great Links 2000 page. Go and sign his World Love 2000 page. Eric has a vision of everyone sitting down and thinking about those they love all at the same time on January 1, 2000. He describes his vision this way: "To start the process off...we thought we needed to make a list of all our loved ones & then pass it on to all the ones on the list that have e-mail & web address' to add their loved ones to the list, thereby sending our love round the world & to the world."


[The Hague PeaceLogo] This site is part of the Hague Appeal for Peace webring.
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As many 10,000 peacemakers will meet in the Netherlands May 11-15 for the Hague Appeal for Peace 1999 - a global conference commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the world's first global peace conference. This will be a unique opportunity to build a peace agenda for the 21st century. The main underlying themes of the conference are:

Peace is a Human Right
Abolition of War
A Culture of Peace

Many of the organizations promoting a day of peace on January 1, 2000 will work together to spread this message of hope at the Hague Appeal for Peace. Coordinated by Lois Nicolai, Executive Director of World Citizen Diplomats, a panel of speakers will discuss January 1, 2000 as a worldwide day of peace on May 13th, 9am-1pm in Commission Room 3