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Many Paths To Peace...

Our Moment of Peace at 13:00 HRS Greenwhich Mean Time, January 1st is simply a moment for all people regardless of their thoughts and ideas, to join in a universal communion of Peace. As we all have differing ideas as to how peace could be acheived, there is no point our pointing anyone in one direction or another. It is enough we believe for this moment for us all to join in a moment of consensus, that peace is desirable, that peace is based onlove and to acknowledge that we all are motivated by a sense of peace and relief from conflict. Though we are not naive enough to believe conflict can be abolished, traditional methods of dealing with conflict which lead to violence and warfare can be. There are many levels upon which peaceful resolution can be applied and on this page, we hope to show you some of the Paths to Peace others have undertaken....

Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace

[Can Peace Symbol] Canadian Centres for Teaching Peace, and PEACE.CA, were incorporated as a nonprofit corporation under the Canada Corporation Act on September 23, 1997. The founding directors are Robert Stewart, C.A., C.M.C., Marion Stewart, and Mrs. Agnes Stewart The purpose of PEACE.CA is to bring together all peoples of the world in the promotion of lasting peace through "thinking globally and acting locally", building peace in the community, strategic action planning, networking, information sharing, etc. PEACE.CA should enhance cooperation between nations, cultivate goodwill and peaceful understanding among people, and promote human and economic development

The long term objectives of PEACE.CA include:

  1. developing a virtual centre for teaching peace, information dissemination and networking;
  2. developing "partnerships for peace" between individuals, government, nongovernment agencies, and business;
  3. activate individuals, the general public and organizations to reduce violence and crime;
  4. raise peace awareness, education, networking, recognition;
  5. focus approach to achieve peace goals and results

[Wymyns Globe 2000]

World March of Women 2000

The World March of Women is counting on the presence of thousands, hopefully millions, of women in the streets in the year 2000.The World March of Women in the Year 2000 is a pacifist action and will be making two major demands related to poverty and violence against women. With these demands we will challenge the various systems and authorities that generate inequality between men and women and exert control over women's lives. There are committees working now on developing the content of the demands so that a more detailed proposal can be discussed with the delegates attending the Autumn 1998 international preparatory meeting.

[Sunflower Logo]

Sunflower Volunteers for Kosova Refugees

The Balkan Sunflowers project is a grassroots voluntary humanitarian aid initiative in which volunteers will travel to the refugee camps in Albania and Macedonia to help the Kosovar refugees. The idea behind the Balkan Sunflowers initiative is that, once the basic material needs of the refugees have been forfilled, small, international groups of volunteers go to these camps for periods of three weeks, to help in any which way they can. There are many different ways to help. It's not just medical aid and help in building the camps that's needed; other things are just as important. Childrens' activities set up, workshops organised, courses taught; but the basic thing is to break the negative spiral of demoralisation - to reintroduce a sense of normal life. Go visit the Website. Read more about the what, how and why of Balkan Sunflowers; and check out the link pages and if, having read all or some of this, you want to become a Balkan Sunflower volunteer, use their on-line application form to put your name down.