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How To Contact World Leaders

The leaders we have added to our own list are people to who we have sent letters. Their responses will be listed from time to time in WHAT’S NEW? Though we may or may not have received a response from them, it is important to remember that a single letter from just one group is not enough to inspire most politicians and religious leaders to come out in support of an idea. We need you to send a note to the people listed, so that they will declare their support for the establishment of our Moment of Peace and World Peace Day.

That’s why we have established this page. We have links here which let you write to the leader of your choisce and help move them towards supporting both a Moment of Peace and declaring January 1st, World Peace Day.


The comments under each person or persons in our listing of responses will give you an idea of how they responded, so we would like you to couch your missives in appropriate terms. It would not be appropriate to flame someone who has given a somewhat positive but non-commital response to our cause right off the bat. However you write though is you and your style. Just remember, this is a peace project!

As we have just started, we do not have a very large listing of our own. We have added a form below, so that if you are aware of an influential person we may wish to contact, you can help us by entering their name, e-mail, WEB Site, and/or e-mail and/or and regular mail addresses in the form below. We test all addresses first to confirm the listing, so it may not appear for a few days.

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This is the best directory we've found on the Net. It is is run by Gunnar Anzinger in Munich, Germany for the Electronic Frontiers Foundation, who are responsible for this amazing creation. You can use this site to write to just about anyone who's in charge of everything on the planet.The EFF home page is It's worth the visit!

As we all know, the Governments of Nation States are not the only legislative and judicial entities responsible for making world policies. There are several organizations such as the United Nations, The International Monetary fund and others which have a direct consequence to the state of world peace. On our World Regulatory Page, we are compiling a list of such agencies. You can contact Member States of the UN through our Visit The UN page and other organizations through the World Regulatory Organizations page. If you have any additions you think we should incude, please enter the sites and info in the entry form below.

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World Leaders and Their Responses

[CIA Map Type Logo] This reference is the CIA’s List of Names ofWorld Leaders and Cabinet Members for which there are no addresses, but we would like to add to our database. Can you help? If you can, then go back to the form and enter the data.

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Absolutely the best directory on the Net. Use this site to contact World Leaders Around the World


Prime Minister Jean Chretien ‘One behalf of the Right Honorable Jean Chretien, I would like to thank you for your letter...The time you have taken to write with your suggestion is appreciated. As the Honorable Herb Gray, Deputy Prime Misiter, is spearheading activities for the millenium, I have taken the liberty of forwarding a copy of you correspondence to him...’
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
e-mail PM Jean Chretien
Preston Manning, MP, past Leader of the Opposition ‘The information that you have provided has been noted. Achieving peace in a just society is surely something that all individuals should desire. Once again, thank you for contacting the Official Opposition. We send you best wishes in all of your future endeavours.’
In our future endeavours? What about the present one, Preston?
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario
Svend Robinson, MP ‘Thank you for sending me your letter regarding your plans for peace in the millenium. Efforts in support of world peace are valid and commendable. I wish you all the best in your endeavours.’
Very thoughtful letter don’t you think? Though he did sign it himself, which does kind of personalize his insightful reply.
House of Commons
Ottawa, Ontario

Province of Manitoba

Gary Filmon, past Premier of Manitoba ‘Peace begins within ourselves and flows from our hearts and homes. It begins in our communities and spreads to the world around us. On January 1, 2000 and every day, I urge all Manitobans to give a moment to peace. Consider the many ways that we can make our world a better place simply as a result of our own actions. On behalf of the people and Government of Manitoba, I wish you great success.’
Room 204, Legislative Building
Winnipeg, Manitoba


His Holiness The Dalai Lama ‘His Holiness appreciates your initiative for the new Millennium. Specially your endeavour to get the New Years day declared as World Peace day in every country is to be applauded. His Holiness is committed for world peace and harmony, His prayers and blessings for the success of any peace initiative will always be there.We are interested to know as of now, how many countries have agreed to declare...World Peace Day?’
Good question! Anyone know the answer?
Thekchen Choeling
McLeod Ganj-176 219
Distt. Kangra
Haimachal Pradesh


His All Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholemew ‘...Patriarch Bartholemew communicates his wide flock and to those in positions of power and influence a heartfelt message for peace in the world. Although he cannot give a firm commitment to the specific details of your call for World Peace: 13:00 HRS GMT, January 1st Year 2000., we have referred your letter to the Committee for the Year 2000 so that your proposal might be included on the agenda’
Rum Patrikhanesi
34220 Fener Halic


Prime Minister Tony Blair ‘I am writing on behalf of the Prime Minister to acknowldege your recent letter. Your views have been noted’
That’s all! Though to give him the benefit of the doubt, Mr. Blair was the first official reply to our letters. Points for that at least! Can someone in the UK write to him?
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA
HRH The Prince of Wales ‘His Royal Highness is grateful to you for taking the trouble to write to him but regrets he is unable to comply with your request. The Prince of Wales receives many letters every week asking for assistance, but he simply cannot help on every occasion.’
We think he should get more letters. I’m not sure he even read it himself. Perhaps an English person could write to HRH?!
St. James Palace
London SW1A 1BS
HM Queen Elizabeth ‘It was thoughtful of you to write as you did to Her Majesty who has taken careful note of your comments. If you wish to approach the Church of England with your suggestions, however, then you should write direct to the Archbishop of Canterbury at Lambeth Place, London, SE1.’ (signed) Mrs. BEAN
See how this works? Write one person, reach another!
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A.1AA
The Archbishop of Canterbury ‘A series of services are planned for 12 noon that day linked to the peal of bells to mark the start of the Year 2000. The co-ordination of plans for that period is being taken forward by Churches Together in England and I am therefore forwarding your letter to them to see if ant further response will be made to what has already been planned.’ (signed) The Reverend Canon Colin Fletcher
See how this still works? Write one person, and they send the idea to someone else! Another link in the chain!
Lambeth Palace
London SE1 7JU
Brigadier ABD Gordon ‘The letter about the service on January 1st 2000 is not strictly accurate. It is not just churches with bells participating but every Christian place of worship. As you know it is mostly the Anglican Church which has Peals of Bells and there never was any question of excluding those without.... We already have celebration link-ups with New Brusnwick and Newfoundland and last week, the whole of New Zealand joined in! ’NOTE: This event is timed for 12:00PM GMT
The Open Churches Trust
c/o The Really Useful Group Limited
22 Tower Street
London WC2H 9NS


George W. Bush To be fair, we haven't contacted George W. Bush, but will in the future. We had written to William Jefferson Clinton when we started this project, but he was in the middle of the impeachment thing when we wrote, and if we mention Monica Lewinski, the search engines out there will guarantee a few more hits on our site. As with everyone in the World Leader Business, it is numbers whch count. E-mail President Clinton from here.
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C.
e-mail the President